Waldorf Box - Non Recurring

Waldorf Box - Non Recurring

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Danny & Luca’s Waldorf Box!

Save 20% off a 3 month prepaid plan. This is available during this flash sale in limited quantities. This is not a recurring subscription. No further charges will incur after this one and only payment for 3 monthly Waldorf Boxes curated specially for you. 

Why choose us? We offer you:

  • A surprise box full of Waldorf appropriate items as well as some Montessori inspired items.

  • We offer three different tiers to choose from, please add a note with your choice during checkout:

    1) Strictly Waldorf for those who choose to receive only Waldorf items and materials.

    2) Flexible Waldorf for those who perhaps practice Waldorf but may also incorporate other methodologies or “mainstream” items.

    3) Waldorf inspired for those who may just be starting out or only like to lightly include Waldorf materials or toys.

  • We are flexible and can accommodate certain requests. Please contact us for assistance. We’re always happy to answer any questions and help you.

  • We keep track of what we send to avoid duplicates. Also, if you shop from us we’ll consider any items purchased directly from our site so as not to include them in your Waldorf Box.

  • Variety and high quality items. Our selected items are natural and “green”. We respect our planet and strive to offer eco friendly toys.

  • Our motto is “Play, Laugh, Imagine, Create” and we bring that into our Toy Boxes.

  • We will also occasionally include handmade natural and non toxic toys made by local artisans. When we do, we’ll always include details about the maker and the materials used. We pledge to never offer you something we wouldn’t have for our own family.


These 3 boxes will be sent 10/23, 11/23 and 12/23.

We’ll keep track of what’s being sent to you in order to avoid duplicates, to the best of our ability . If you purchase items from Danny & Luca, we will take these into consideration, to also avoid duplicates. If you have any special requests please reach out to us before placing your order so we can work together to meet your needs.

Each box comes with a 15% off code to use at the shop (some exclusions apply), 10% off to use at the shop, or other savings.

If you have any questions about any of the information presented please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer you in a timely manner and are happy to assist you.

***There are no cancellations, modifications, refunds or exchanges issued once you place this order.***

(*This is a one-time purchase. This is not a subscription. It will not auto-renew, no further charges will incur.*) 

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