Hut in the Forest
Hut in the Forest
Hut in the Forest

Hut in the Forest

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Details: This wooden house will create a fairytale atmosphere and will blend perfectly with the other imaginative play toys. The house in the forest hides many unknown and unheard stories, but when a child enters and fits in completely, the story comes to life. Then when it ends immediately another begins. The forest house is suitable for 5-7 cm high figurines, made of any material. The plate under the house is made of maple wood and the dimensions are 22cm long and 15cm wide.
The house is made of linden wood and has a height of 18cm and a width of 18.5 cm and the door can be opened. 

Materials Safety: Sustainable wood that is manually cut with professional equipment so that it meets the highest quality standards. All the paints used are 100% non-toxic internationally certified. Finished with high quality organic oil, that is antibacterial and retains the applied color while protecting the surface. Only 100% safe organic oils are used. These toys provide a variety of natural colors and grains, making them beautiful to behold!

Recommended Age: 3 years old +

Origin: Handmade in Romania

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