Holztiger Monthly Subscription Box - 6 Month Prepaid

Holztiger Monthly Subscription Box - 6 Month Prepaid

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Join our Holztiger Box monthly subscription! Please read below for further details and available plans.


Monthly Plans:

$24.99 Includes shipping within the US. You will receive 2 Holztiger figures every month.

$31.99 Includes shipping within the US. You will receive 3 Holztiger figures every month. This 3 figures option is only available within this month to month plan.

3 Month Prepaid Plan:

$71.22 You will receive 2 Holztiger figures every month. Save 5% off and receive one extra figure in your third box. Includes shipping within the US. 

6 Month Prepaid Plan:

$134.95 You will receive 2 Holztiger figures every month. Save 10% off. Includes shipping within the US. 


We’ll keep track of what’s being sent to you in order to avoid duplicates. If you purchase Holztiger figures from our shop AFTER you sign up we will take these into consideration as our inventory allows, to also avoid duplicates. We cannot include figures that are purchased from other shops. We're willing to accommodate special preferences and 'wishlist' items as long as our stock allows us to. Please reach out to us via email before placing your order if you have any special requests. If you already own figures prior to signing up, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive one you already have. 



Each box comes with different subscriber perks that vary from month to month. You will find these in an enclosed letter, including 15% off to use at the shop , 10% off to use at the shop, or other subscriber only savings. (minor exclusions apply).



Starting in September all Holztiger boxes will be shipped 7-10 business days after your transaction posts. 

DISCLOSURE: It's our first month implementing this improvement. Those who's billing cycles fall between the 1st and the 15th, please allow a little extra time.



There are no cancellations, modifications, refunds or exchanges issued once you place a subscription order or it is renewed. All subscriptions renew automatically. Please make sure that if you need to cancel, you do so before your billing cycle for your next renewal is due. We cannot exchange figures you received, for other figures from the shop.

If you have any questions about any of the information presented please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.


- If you cancel, we will hold on to your file for 60 days after your cancellation date. If you decide to return and sign up again past those 60 days, all prior sent figures will no longer be on file to be used for future boxes. 

- We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions at our discretion if we are unable to continue to fulfill them.

- We will unfortunately need to cancel plans for subscribers who are found to evidently be utilizing this service and it's savings in order to resell these figures to gain profit . Available spots are limited and we are happy to offer our boxes and pass along the savings to families who truly enjoy these beautiful figures. 

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